Day of Mindfulness 2015: Practice Schedule

Whether arriving late or departing early, please enter and exit the temple with mindfulness–observing noble silence and, if possible, arriving/departing during the transition periods between practices.

9:30 am Reception
9:45 am Orientation to Meditation
10:15 am Sitting Meditation/Walking Meditation/Sitting Meditation
11:30 am Dharma Talk
12:30 pm Silent Meal
Provided by the Vietnamese-American Buddhist Association of Lansing
Participants with special diets are encouraged to bring their own meals.
1:30 pm Chanting/Walking Meditation (outdoors, weather permitting)
2:30 pm Sitting Meditation/Group Discussion
3:45 pm Three Refuges and Five Mindfulness Trainings Transmission Ceremony
4:30 pm Close

* Please use the bathrooms in the adjacent house. The donation box will be at the front of the temple.*