Day of Mindfulness 2017: Practice Schedule


a day of mindfulness 2015

Saturday, November 4th | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Van Hanh Temple
3015 S. Washington Avenue | Lansing, MI


There is limited parking in the lot behind the Temple. Additional parking can be found around the corner on Dunlap Street.


Whether arriving late or departing early, please enter and exit the temple with mindfulness-–observing noble silence and, if possible, arriving/departing during the transition periods between practices.

Bathrooms are located in the adjacent house. The donation box will be at the front of the temple.

9:30 am Reception
9:45 am Orientation to Meditation
10:15 am Sitting Meditation/Walking Meditation/Sitting Meditation
11:30 am Dharma Talk
12:30 pm Silent Meal
Provided by the Vietnamese-American Buddhist Association of Lansing
Participants with special diets are encouraged to bring their own meals.
1:30 pm Chanting/Walking Meditation (outdoors, weather permitting)
2:30 pm Sitting Meditation/Group Discussion
3:45 pm Three Refuges and Five Mindfulness Trainings Transmission Ceremony
4:30 pm Close

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