Dharma Poem: Going to Llhasa

(with thanks to Mingyur Rinpoche)

Here’s what Rinpoche says:
Going up or down
the road goes to Llhasa.
or happy 
minds meditating 
go to Llhasa. 
From the east or from the west

the road that goes to Llhasa
goes to Llhasa.

Stay alert.
Thoughts bang on the windshield. 
Pain grabs your legs.  
Remain in the car.
Flat tires.
Need for rest rooms.
Don’t give up.
You are going to Llhasa.  

What’s in Llhasa?
Don’t know.
Look at the trees.
Sense your body.
Good day.  Bad day.
No problem.
Sticking to the road.

© June 17, 2018 | Carolyn White