Dharma Poem: My Dharma Body

I wear a coat of many colors transparent as a rainbow a big coat that fills the universe & keeps me warm. Here! You can have it. Dotted with stars sand along the waters’ edge mountains artfully displayed sewn from my teacher’s words the only clothes that fit. © June 8, 2014 Carolyn White

5 Mindfulness Trainings (5 Precepts)

Every fall, sanghas throughout Michigan recite, contemplate, and discuss the 5 Mindfulness Trainings in preparation for the annual Day of Mindfulness with our regional dharma teacher, Jack Lawlor. Follow the links highlighted above to learn more about the practice of receiving the trainings as lay Buddhist practitioners and LAMC’s special event. Related:    

Dharma Poem: Trust

Trust for Tara Where, the yogi asked, do you hold trust in your body? What a question! Mistrust is easy; in my throat and my gut. But trust in the body? Heck! Trust anywhere–in a thought or a person– is, under most conditions, suspect. Let’s try something easier. Again mistrust is clear. I don’t trust … More Dharma Poem: Trust