Dharma Poem: Suppose — A Rhapsody on the 12 Nidanas

(for Jake) Suppose you don’t know who you are or where the hell you fit in the universe.   Suppose that makes you act like your father and you get caught in a body you mistake for your own. You reach out, feeling grumpy, for something to satisfy, skin, eyes, nose wanting contact:   food, fame, sex, … More Dharma Poem: Suppose — A Rhapsody on the 12 Nidanas

Dharma Poem: BodhisattvasRUs

I get it BodhisattvasRUs same bodies same minds without the scars or the hooks of attachment 6 senses alive unhampered by this way or that shoveling sidewalks offering food me you bodhisattva no difference except for the glow the being-here-now that throws open the world © January 26, 2016 | Carolyn White

Dharma Poem: My Dharma Body

I wear a coat of many colors transparent as a rainbow a big coat that fills the universe & keeps me warm. Here! You can have it. Dotted with stars sand along the waters’ edge mountains artfully displayed sewn from my teacher’s words the only clothes that fit. © June 8, 2014 Carolyn White