Dharma Poem: Dew, Bubbles, Dreams & Clouds from the Diamond Sutra

Dear one Accept this bouquet of dew, Bubbles, dreams & clouds Tied loosely with a cobweb Full of life Self-effacing & sudden Incautious Fugitive as air No vase can contain it No time capture all it says So wear it like a flower In your hair and know My humanity adorns it Every brushed-away tear … More Dharma Poem: Dew, Bubbles, Dreams & Clouds from the Diamond Sutra

Dharma Poem: Had I Been the Dragon

Even before Buddha became Buddha A dragon stood guard Magnificent creature Unnecessary precaution Intent on austerities Danger comes from within Indecision  Self-loathing Stiffening of will Nothing dragons can do Except wait with sad eyes Until the mind-propelled Whirlwind blows over What use a dragon’s roar That rattles the heavens Scuttles the clouds Pours rain? Even … More Dharma Poem: Had I Been the Dragon

Dharma Poem: BodhisattvasRUs

I get it BodhisattvasRUs same bodies same minds without the scars or the hooks of attachment 6 senses alive unhampered by this way or that shoveling sidewalks offering food me you bodhisattva no difference except for the glow the being-here-now that throws open the world © January 26, 2016 | Carolyn White

Dharma Poem: Unimpeded

Unimpededness is “the natural consequence of the union of emptiness and clarity.” It is “the freedom to experience anything and everything whatsoever.” — from Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Take off the fetters of dislike and like Now you have the whole world to play with Add a bright kindly light and unimpeded Your … More Dharma Poem: Unimpeded