Dharma Poem: Had I Been the Dragon

Even before Buddha became Buddha A dragon stood guard Magnificent creature Unnecessary precaution Intent on austerities Danger comes from within Indecision  Self-loathing Stiffening of will Nothing dragons can do Except wait with sad eyes Until the mind-propelled Whirlwind blows over What use a dragon’s roar That rattles the heavens Scuttles the clouds Pours rain? Even … More Dharma Poem: Had I Been the Dragon

Dharma Poem: Suppose — A Rhapsody on the 12 Nidanas

(for Jake) Suppose you don’t know who you are or where the hell you fit in the universe.   Suppose that makes you act like your father and you get caught in a body you mistake for your own. You reach out, feeling grumpy, for something to satisfy, skin, eyes, nose wanting contact:   food, fame, sex, … More Dharma Poem: Suppose — A Rhapsody on the 12 Nidanas

Dharma Poem: BodhisattvasRUs

I get it BodhisattvasRUs same bodies same minds without the scars or the hooks of attachment 6 senses alive unhampered by this way or that shoveling sidewalks offering food me you bodhisattva no difference except for the glow the being-here-now that throws open the world © January 26, 2016 | Carolyn White

Dharma Poem: Unimpeded

Unimpededness is “the natural consequence of the union of emptiness and clarity.” It is “the freedom to experience anything and everything whatsoever.” — from Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Take off the fetters of dislike and like Now you have the whole world to play with Add a bright kindly light and unimpeded Your … More Dharma Poem: Unimpeded

Dharma Poem: Trust

Trust for Tara Where, the yogi asked, do you hold trust in your body? What a question! Mistrust is easy; in my throat and my gut. But trust in the body? Heck! Trust anywhere–in a thought or a person– is, under most conditions, suspect. Let’s try something easier. Again mistrust is clear. I don’t trust … More Dharma Poem: Trust